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Transfer House Band feat. Jerry Grillo

2017 is a fleeting moment. In many ways, that's a good thing. But, as '17 angles out of our lives, perhaps a reminder is due: this year marks a quarter century since the release of the Jerry Grillo's first album, timelessly entitled: This Funny World. The album release party for that sophisticated and sensuous freshman debut took place at the then-and-now vanquard venue for jazz in Milwaukee, The Jazz Estate. Fittingly, Jerry will perform there again on Thursday, December 14th. He will be supported by a crew that fits him like a glove, the Transfer House Band. Come hear Jerry on their home turf.... and a stage that he helped anchor. 

The Transfer House Band is: Neal Chandek on the keys, Bill Martin on guitar, and Omar holding down the jazz kit.

As always on Tuesdays, our vino selection is half price, all day (we open at 11a).